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GC Initial Zirconia Disk

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Cold Isostatic Pressed extremely high quality zirconium disk

Zirconia has become the preferred material of choice for many technicians looking for aesthetics combined with strength. To complete the line of the clinically proven GC Initial Zr-FS products, we are proudly introducing the Initial Zirconium Disk, a Cold Isostatic Pressed (CIP) extremely high quality zirconium disk with optimized physical properties.
The monolithic crowns and bridges milled with Initial Zirconia Disk require no porcelain build-up – in combination with the Initial Lustre Pastes you will get the highest aesthetic level in no time. In addition to full contour applications, the Initial Zirconia Disk offers excellent veneering characteristics and goes perfectly along with GC Initial Zr-FS.

There are two types to choose from:

  • Standard Translucency (ST), ideally for veneering
  • High Translucency (HT), ideally for full contour, monolithic restorations

Both versions are available in 98,5 mm disks in 12, 14, 18 & 25mm thickness, sized to fit most CAD/CAM milling machines.


  • Extremely high quality zirconium
  • Cold Isostatic Pressed (CIP) for optimized physical properties
  • Ideal for veneering and a perfect combination with GC Initial Zr-FS
  • Ideal for full contour monolithic restorations in combination with GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes