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Coltene lanserer nå en Forsterket KomposittBlokk; BRILLIANT Crios!

BRILLIANT Crios er en CAD/CAM blokk med forsterket KOMPOSITT, beregnet til innlegg, onlays, helkroner og fasader. Utmerkede egenskaper ved å etterlikne tenners elastisitet og absorberende effekt mot ytre krefter. BRILLIANT Crios gir en behagelig bittfølelse med høy slitestyrke, men likevel har BRILIANT Crios liten slipeeffekt på antagonister for å  ivareta høy kvalitet på indiekte restaureringer.
Pusses og repareres som vanlig kompositt!

Etter at SIRONA nå har oppdatert sine program, finner du BRILLIANT Crios-blokkene som valg i CEREC-Systemet.

Mer informasjon finner du på Brilliant Crios-brosjyren her


COLTENE´s new Reinforced Composite Block BRILLIANT Crios is now available

The new CAD/CAM block BRILLIANT Crios is a reinforced composite bloc for inlays, onlays, full anatomical crowns and veneers. Excellent mechanical properties as tooth-like modulus of elasticity for shock absorbing effect, pleasant bite feeling and high wear resistance, nonetheless low abrasion on antagonist, support the high quality indirect restorations.

For long-established CEREC users, the question may arise: Why composite? And there are good reasons why. The innovative composite formulation for BRILLIANT Crios merges the best properties of multiple state-of-the-art composite materials. Thanks to the outstanding flexural strength and elasticity close to that of dentin, the restoration material is tougher and less brittle than ceramic. Even when ceramic materials have already start chipping, BRILLIANT Crios can still be ground with ease and precision in the case of extremely thin margins. It also has a shock-absorbing effect, ideal for implant restorations, which also has a positive influence on the patient’s bite experience.

COLTENE offers a matched and proven luting system. The key component is the universal adhesive ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL that can be used with the smooth BRILLIANT EverGlow composite or the dual- curing cement SoloCem.

BRILLIANT Crios is available in 9 low translucent and 4 high translucent shades in sizes 14 and 12, compatible with Sirona devices (CEREC and inLab).

Since the last software update BRILLIANT Crios blocks can be selected within the CEREC System.


Reinforced composite material

  • High flexural strength for resistant restorations
  • Tooth-like modulus of elasticity for a shock-absorbing effect and pleasant bite feeling

Tooth-like behavior

  • Blends in extremely well to provide natural aesthetics
  • High wear resistance and low abrasion on antagonist

Efficient handling

  • No firing process required
  • Can be modified and repaired • Exceptional grinding precision for more freedom of preparation
  • Effortless polishing for fast gloss

Reliable luting system

  • Secure bonding due to ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL
  • Suitable luting material for every situation


  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Crowns on implants


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